Monday, June 16, 2008


gesundheit..... Actually, that's the village I visited in Zambia this April. :) Lots of great moments and memories, as with all mission trips. Long story short, I learned a ton about community development and how holistic ministry reflects the heart of Christ; He forgave our sins AND fed the 5,000, not to mention made the lame walk. No matter where God takes Neil and me, we are convinced that it is our duty, nay privilege, to participate in His restoration of communities. Ultimately, to draw those communities into the community of the Kingdom. I Corinthians 13 says that we are a reflection of what is to come and we know that what is to come is streets of gold with no potholes and feasting at the banqueting table, all with our King. Let's give the people of the world the opportunity to see a reflection of that in the here and now. Pave their roads and feed their bellies to give them an anxious expectation of when Christ will return, the imperfect will pass away and we will see more than just a reflection of Him. Come quickly, Jesus.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We are consumers

of the blogging world. Feeling guilty for consuming and never giving back, we felt that the already jam-packed world of the blogosphere needed another page. Hence, the High Life. I say 'we', but really Neil has no idea about this blog yet. With a bit of pursuading, I think we can convince him. Nonetheless, welcome to friends and family; we are excited to share in this journey together!