Friday, February 27, 2009

I Drive a Dodge Status!

So, I felt the urge to sing an ode to the vehicle which has taken us to many heights: the Dodge Stratus.  We just crossed over 100,000 miles on the last trip to Chicago and it got me thinking about all the great times we've had.

It was given to me in August 2004 by my parents after I returned from a summer trip to Bulgaria with 13,000 miles.  It replaced the "still-barely-running" Ford Taurus Speed Wagon which I inherited from my Grandpa after he died.

Here is a brief and assuredly incomplete list of trips it has been on:
-Many trips from Newburgh to Carmel to see Courtney
-Fall Break to Tennessee in 2004!
-Up to Chicago to see Melissa and Andrew get engaged
-To Kansas with John for Justin and Jenny McKnight's wedding
-Down the country roads every week to Eminence Christian Church in college
-To New Orleans after the hurricane to help with some clean-up
-To Newburgh in 05 for our first trip to Wadsworth Lake
-Back home again in 05 after the tornado took away my parent's house
-Numerous dates and often the only place to be alone with Courtney 
-Up to Chicago with Tim in 06 to watch the Cubs get pummeled by the Brewers
-To Johnson City, TN in 06 to visit Courtney's grandparents and watch the fireworks
-3 straight Christmas Eve travels either to Carmel or Newburgh
-To Bardstown, KY to jump out of a plane with my best friends before we got married
-Multiple trips to Rush-Copley Hospital in Naperville, IL to be there for Emma Harris' birth
-To Galena, IL for a 25th anniversary celebration with the Wrights

For the last 8 months of a beautiful relationships we have trips scheduled to Virginia Beach, Cleveland, St. Louis, Wheaton, IL, and one last long trip out to Colorado Springs.  100,000 leaves you pretty attached to a car and it will be sad to finally say goodbye in October.  So, here's to you, Stratus, from all those who have safely ridden in your care.  Keep on keeping on.  

Monday, February 16, 2009's what you crave®

Is there anything more romantic than sitting down with your sweetheart to a gorgeous Crave Case full of Slyders eaten by candlelight?  I submit that there is not.