Monday, April 27, 2009


Much to update everyone on from our extensive travels, but first we'll share a story from last weekend. We were visiting our dear friends, Shawn and Angela and their great kids, Emma and Noah. While we were out to dinner, I (Neil) developed the most annoying case of the hiccups I've ever heard. The kind where I'll be talking normally about something halfway serious and then it's like this little 6 year old girl possesses my body and lets out a squeak. It's kind of hard to take yourself seriously in a case like that.

Anyway, this went on for a few hours despite all the usual remedies (even a friendly version of waterboarding). Five hours later, I was still hiccuping after lots of great conversation and a great prayer time along with my 6 year old alter-ego. Then, my good friend Shawn decides to tell one of those stories that everyone thinks about when someone else has the hiccups. You know, the one where the guy is like 25 and gets the hiccups and has them for the next 50 years despite surgeries and the finest medical care. (I'm convinced that we are getting all these stories from the 5th grade boys who spend all of their "library time" reading the Guinness Book of World Records and trying to make them sound even more bizarre.) Shawn relays his version of the story, starts laughing hysterically, and then, naturally, begins to hiccup for the rest of the evening. I'm usually not really a vindictive person, but it was pretty sweet to hear Shawn giggle and hiccup like a little girl all night after that.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have to be honest, I still have no idea how to defragment my computer. As a matter of fact, I don't know how to do anything on a computer that isn't required in my every day life. In college I would have to call on my friend Libby whenever my computer needed an overhaul. 

Today, my brain needs defragmenting. You know how they say you only use about 3% of your brain? (or is it 30%? either way..) I've been trying to stretch the other 97% this week and I'm tired. I've been busy solving the problems of the universe (if you want to know how we can achieve world peace, I'm your girl). This whole week seemed to be exceptionally full of thinking, philosophizing, theologizing (it's a word now), and lots of other things that I'm pretty much on the 'less than qualified' side of. 

If you know how to defragment a brain, call me.