Monday, October 26, 2009

A Great Picture

Sometimes you have to go back in order to go forward.

I love these people and I love this picture!

Friday, October 23, 2009


The Miller's are closed for business.

So we went to get round 1 of our vaccines yesterday (this may be misleading, because calling it 'round 1' would give you the impression that it was our first visit to the 'vaccine doctor'. No. In fact, it was our third. We assume God was using these failed attempts & run-ins with bureaucracy to better prepare us for India. half full, right?). We got some depressing news while we were there (apparently vaccines cost a lot of money, particularly the one for Japanese Encephalitis). BUT, drum roll please...

we got our swine flu vaccine. for free. without standing in a line. I know, I know, my mother in law has already informed us that people have been standing in line only to find out that their office of choice has run out of the precious nectar. Neil and I didn't even plan on getting it yesterday. In the midst of our doctor going through all of the necessary vaccines for India, he said, "Oh and we have the H1N1 vaccine if you want it. It's free."

It was a much appreciated surprise in the midst of some frustrating experiences.

oh, and Neil got a sucker, too.
God always seems to offer light right when we need it.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Today's a day I can feel you waiting for us. Calling us to get 'home' soon.

We're coming...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rain Rain

Stay for another day!

I am seriously loving these chilly, rainy days recently. I know all of the farmer's at the cusp of harvest would kill me for saying it, but it's true. This is the only time of year when I miss running. There's something about starting out so cold & tight and ending soaking wet & burning hot that makes you feel so alive.

I know. I'm crazy.

Plus, this weather practically begs for leggings & baked goods. I have been relenting to the pressure & am often seen sporting my cotton leggings while hovering over my KitchenAid. My most recent challenge was an oatmeal cookie recipe that was supposed to yield 40 but ended up producing a batch of over 65 cookies! I was thankful for the miscalculation because I was able to play with the ingredients----chocolate in some, honey in others, a few had cranberries & walnuts, others had raisins, and I reserved a small amount for good 'ol plain oatmeal. The problem is that I can never decide which one I want most and end up grabbing one of each. It's not good for the waist, but it's sure good for the heart. Yum.

I'm going to go eat one (*cough* five) now.

I love fall.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More India please!

Hey everybody!

We've been hearing your crys for "more India, please!"; here are some descriptors and links for
some of the things that began our introduction to our new home:

The Christ of the Indian Road: Here's a link to the book site on Amazon. This was one of the first books that we read about India. It blew our minds as we began to realize that the only thing we had to offer India was Christ. He alone would have to be sufficient to spread the gospel (novel idea, huh?). We were totally challenged by this book, not just for our lives in India, but for our lives whever we go.

Aradhna: This is a musical group that plays a fusion of traditional Indian & western music for Christ. They are phenomenal and we are amazed at both their talent and ministry. We like to listen to their CD to relax and unwind, or to have some worship playing that soothes and stimulates the soul (I know that's a lofty statement, but it's really true!).

Vegetable Korma: Yummy! We remember how lost we were the first time we ate at an Indian restaurant--we needed a map. Let us be your 'menu map'! We have lots of favorites, but this one is a very popular dish in South India (where Chennai is), plus it is vegetarian (many Indians are vegetarian and we will also be while we live there!). For all you daring cooks out there, here's a recipe that you can try at home. Happy eating!

Mango Lassi: double yum. Seriously, this is so good and so easy to make! Here's the recipe. It's basically a mango shake but substitute yogurt for ice cream. You can spice it up with some fresh mint, cinnamon, or cardamom. If you are feeling really adventurous (and really Indian), you can put chiles in it. Make sure you go for a Mango Lassi or Mango Shake next time you're out to eat!

Nose Ring: Accessorize! Courtney's dream of getting a nose ring came true early this summer. For video of the piercing, click here....yeah, right. I don't think so. A more practical Indian accessory is the toe ring, or if you happen to be around a festival or Indian community--a henna tattoo! (Courtney's tattoo below)