Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warning: this post will make you hungry

I love eggs. Like, truly. Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, frittatas, quiche... I love how they are the quickest, cheapest and potentially the most creative meal option available. Tonight, for instance, Neil and I realized we had nothing to eat. That is, until we discovered we had 5 eggs, some garlic, left over mushrooms, Italian seasoning, the slightest bit of mozzarella and lunch meat ham. Gourmet Italian eggs, coming right up! They were delicious.

We have had some incredible meals these last 2 months. This last week was no exception. Dessert & breakfast at aunt Toni's farm-fresh kitchen, pisghetti by Christie, skillet cookie a la Knights, a pizza recipe worth $900 by the lovely Marianne Gross....I could go on and on...

This last week we spent time in both Catlin, IL and Lincoln/Bloomington/Springfield visiting with so many people that we love. We were ecstatic to find that God had been priming their hearts to love India the way that He has been priming ours. I wish we would have taken even more pictures, but here is a snapshot of our last 1 1/2 weeks and some of the food we ate:

Visiting the Knights in Bloomington...

3 night sleepover with Caleb & Christie!

They made us a delicious 'send off' breakfast. And guess what incredible, edible item was in it?

the egg :)